A Man of Many Hats: Life Coach, Trusted Advisor, Entrepreneur, Sales Trainer, Business Consultant, Professional Photographer, Public Speaker, Author, Husband, Father, Grandfather.


Not typically a "hat person" throughout his life, and even though he had ball caps that were seldom worn, he really didn't start wearing hats until 2014 when Paul began to prepare for an international photography assignment in Honduras. That is when he discovered he liked hats. Now a collector of numerous hats, it really does illustrate his various roles and interests as an adult. He was a pastor for twenty three years growing churches by working with volunteers and people seeking Faith. He has been a successful sales person, manager and regional manager (leading a cemetery/funeral home company in personal sales of several million dollars) and in 2005 partnered with his oldest son to start what soon became a national small business solutions company (in less than 18 mo.). In 2008 they took their entrepreneurial and business background and started writing and consulting with other business. 2009-2010 he expanded his role by becoming a professional photographer and in 2012, Photo Expressions Place went full time as an event and family portraiture photography company. .

Photo Expressions Place LLC expanded into three states within seven months and it soon became apparent that church directory and family portraitures were a major way to save multiple studios and photographers who were no longer financially making it full time. Thus he and his son, Bryan, began to write a complete turn-key system and started conducting workshops where they taught their incredibly successful system to others. The system has been expanded and will soon be offered online, being able to reach many more photographers. Not stopping there he expanded his offerings into marketing in 2014 and in 2015 joined with some others in a leadership development business, helping people live the life they have always dreamed of.


Born in Jackson, Mich. the family finally ended up in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle area. That is where Paul actually spent nearly all of his growing up years. Extended family did not live near by so few were the times that he spent time with Grandparents and other extended family. There were four boys in the family, with Paul being the youngest. Typical for most kids growing up in the fifties and sixties were pickup games of baseball and softball and fireworks on July 4th. My father, having grown up and worked on a farm had large gardens. We were not poor but neither were we wealthy. Dad had two sources of income, with Boeing being his day job and a TV repair business being his "bridge the gap" business. I remember making our very own apple cider and other things kids normally do not do today.

The picture to the left was of my immediate family, along with my Grandparents on my fathers side, who were visiting from their Michigan farm, when this photo was taken. Yes, I was the skinny little kid in front, with the flat top..


Paul transferred from the West Coast, where he had been working for an airlines, after leaving college, to attend Anderson College (University) and went on to get his MDiv from the Anderson School of Theology. For twenty-three years he poured his life into people as a pastor in several different roles. During that time he began working with CEO's and business owners and found that they were a special breed of people. After leaving the active pastoral ministry in 1995, he worked for a cemetery/funeral home company for nearly ten years, advancing from a sales consultant to a regional manager.. In 2005, he and Bryan, his oldest son, decided to start their own business which would end up working with CEO's and business owners. Along the way he became a professional photographer and an accomplished marketer. He puts all of that experience (those many hats) to work with businesses and business owners to this day..

What is important to him, business wise is to leave a legacy where he helps men and women, CEO and business owner, employee and self-employed and B-type business owners realize their full potential, help them grow their business, encourage them to throw the box away and lead the pack, not just be part of the pack. He has learned (and experience first hand) the power and relevancy of having a trusted advisor walk along side him. And he wants to continue to do that for others..


Paul met Patricia Paxton on the campus of Anderson College (now University) in 1969, when he transferred in from the west coast. She was an RN, returning to school part-time to further her education. It was "not" love at first sight, but the relationship became a wonderful friendship and romance and culminated in their wedding on Aug 31st 1969. The parents of two sons, Bryan and Jeff, and now two daughters-in-law, Chris and Jennifer, as well as nine grandchildren, the Donihue's have lived in the Wooster, Ohio area since 1997. There dog, Snickers, thinks she owns the place and does, except for paying the mortgage. She leaves that up to Paul and Pat..

Paul has been married to his love and best friend for nearly fourty-seven years. Pat is an RN. Committed followers of Jesus Christ, they are both active in Grace Church, Wooster.

‘Every business and every person, for that matter, should have, embrace and announce their own BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal.) Without a BHAG you will never get where you want to go.’